Heaven's 11's

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Telluride, Colorado

The Heavens 11’s is every extreme skier's dream couloir. Located on the Little Wasatch in Bear Creek just outside the Telluride Ski Resort, this couloir is not for the faint of heart. Only ski-able after a good snow season and safe avalanche conditions. The Eleven's ends in a 200’ cliff which makes the exit of utmost importance and falling not an option. On this particular day, we had been waiting all season for the right conditions to come together in order to get this ULTRA HD photo, which consists of combining over 70 images to create this seamless image. It had snowed 10 or so inches the night before and the avalanche danger was at low, and we had blue sky with no winds, so we gave it a green light. With both the skiers and me equipped with radios, we were able to stay in contact throughout the descent so that I could ensure the correct shot at the right moment. The 3 skiers are local ski legend Scott Kennett, local Nick Kenworthy (brother to Olympian Gus Kenworthy) and local Devin Overton. They ski the top bowl until dropping into the Heavens 11’s and will then exit to the lookers right just above the cliff. I was able to get the waterfall of slough coming out the bottom of the image by capturing this as Scott Kennett was midway through the 11’s which released this river of fresh snow that came pouring over the cliff, this was then stitched into the final image in post-production. A truly amazing spectacle to witness as we see all these incredible mountains around us and realize that a select few are able to ski them. You can see a skier exiting the Waterfall Chute on the lower right side of the image and waiting for the waterfall of slough finish in order to traverse safely underneath. In this larger image, you can see a group of skiers skiing the Oblivion Bowl into the Grandfather, they are just below the mandatory rappel on the lower left.

This is a limited Edition of 50 and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

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